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Leslie Morgan Steiner was in an abusive relationship, though at first she didn’t realize it. In a talk at TEDxRainier, she tells the disturbing story of her relationship, correcting misconceptions many people hold about victims of domestic violence, and explaining how we can all help break the silence.

If you or someone you know is facing domestic violence or an absuive relationship, you can find a list of resources here. The U.S. National Sexual Assault Hotline is 1-800-656-4673 (HOPE), and RAINN offers a secure online hotline.



Normally, this is none of my business but this guy just did it for me. This is what’s wrong with people who have no fucking clue as to the community. What I read from this is that a lot of bi guys do and are in relationships with a girl and then constantly looking for a guy on the side. I’m sorry but bitch you needa get a clue. Now on the sexuality side I agree with him liking guys and girls… Not at the same time. That’s on a completely different level and pisses me the fuck off cause this guy has been on my fucking ass for the past I don’t know how many months to hook up with him and I would always say no. If you’re bi please just comment on this because I need reassurance that this guy is a dick.

I’ve heard straight guys claim that men have a “biological need” to cheat and that pretty much all men have/will do it. People like to justify their shitty behaviours and even opinions by suggesting that they’re part of a majority.

So yes he’s a dick.





You can say a lot of shit about TMZ, but its nice to see them calling out the viewers on their bi-erasure 

when did they do that?

They have a daily show in their blog, that accept viewers participation, one on the phone was saying ” how can she (Michel Rodrigues) can be with a woman one days and a man another, u can’t change over night”

And Harvey and Charlie were like ” there is this thing called bisexuality”

Awesome. I’m not a fan of TMZ but they have a huge viewership and a large number of commenter’s who don’t believe in bisexuality. And they didn’t shy away from using the word “bisexual” to describe her orientation nor did they claim that she was confused.

Can we stop pretending that discussing bisexuality without including any bisexuals promotes any sort of good and useful discussion. All it does is gives room and creates an echo chamber for biphobia.

Bisexuals are supposed to sit there and listen to the other side of the “discussion” but biphobes aren’t having their beliefs challenged?





It’s not your job to sift through all of my thoughts and then verify my bisexual status. It is your job to hear me say the sentence ‘I am a bisexual man,’ and for you to go ‘ok,’ because nothing that takes place in my head or in my bedroom is any of your business.

Bisexuality: Setting the Record “Straight” [Video]

My favourite response to the video:

"If sexual conduct had bearing on sexual orientation, all virgins would be asexual." - SomethingWitty0

Michelle Rodriguez comes out as bisexual, dates woman then dates a man passing certain peoples arbitrary “bisexual” test and folks are calling her “secretly gay”

she comes out as bi she’s seen as doing it for attention

she dates a woman she’s seen as doing it for attention

she dates a man she’s seen as doing it for attention

and its funny seeing people who are confused as hell because they thought she was a lesbian but now she’s seen getting intimate with a guy and its like “wow i wonder if theres an orientation other than straight or gay….”

this isn’t a coherent rant and some people are open to learning but I’m tired of holding peoples hands and gently guiding them through the world of “not being straight”

every time I educate someone on the existence of bisexuality I think they’re an idiot


Anonymous asked:

Lesbians aren't correctively raped for being in 'monogender' relationships. Lesbians are correctively raped because we are in same-sex relationships. Your terminological gymnastics are 100% pointless in the real world, because in the real world it is still same-sex desire that makes straight people hate us.

queervegancunt answered:

And honestly, if you’re a decent person, you should probably be more concerned about ensuring that lesbians - who, again, are at risk of being correctively raped - have access to the language they need to define their experiences than in making sure that bisexuals feel *included*. Inclusion is a nice thing, a really nice thing. It does not take priority over corrective rape.

First of all, you should have started with a trigger warning. 

Second, I am a rape victim. Do I not deserve access to language that I feel describes my experiences? Lesbians can call their own relationships het or homo or fairy or pixie dust or whatever but they shouldn’t be calling my relationships any of those things because I’m not any of those things. 

I’ve been in 7 sexually abusive relationships and those fuckers raped me more times than I can count. 

My bisexuality was a big part of my rapes. They read bisexual as ‘overly sexual’ and thought that I’d want sex all the time. When it turned out that wasn’t true, they berated/frightened/conned me into it. 

And if you really want to make this a conversation about rape, shouldn’t you defer to the group who is raped at over twice the rate of lesbians?

You know what, don’t answer that. In fact, don’t contact me again. 

I don’t understand why folks like this anon thinks it makes any sense to try and throw in a comparison. “Lesbians have it worse than bi women because corrective rape so stop talking about bi women.” Evidentially people shouldn’t be trying to speak over other people or attempting to define other peoples experiences yet its hard for people like anon to understand this.

If the anon doesn’t give a shit about bi women then they should just sit there and not care. Move on with their lives but its laughable that they expect other bi women to join them. Especially when it involves statements like this.



i’m really mad because a lot of bisexuals are told they are bi just for attention and then straight celebrities fake being bisexual for that reason which just strengthens the belief that bisexuality isn’t real. ugh.

which celebrities have faked bisexuality? People don’t actually have a criteria for what constitutes as “fake bisexual.” You’re a woman who id’s as bi and that’s enough for them to call you fake.

But I’ve also seen people take Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” and used it as proof of “fake bisexuals,” despite the fact that its pretty clear she’s singing about and she’s stated it was about experimentation.



straights aren’t going to profile you as gay if you’re bisexual and you’re out with your partner who is not the same gender as you.

straights are gonna be like “ah yes a heterosexual couple i will respect their relationship”

when bisexuals get bashed it’s because straights think they’re gay.

if you have the luxury of straight passing privilege USE YOUR POWER TO HELP THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE THAT POWER.

why can’t bisexuals use their experiences of homophobia to fight for and understand lesbians.

"when bisexuals get bashed it’s because straights think they’re gay." I get everything before and after that but pretty much every single time I’ve had homophobic shit thrown my way, people knew I was bi. They didn’t mistake me for gay, I wasn’t pushed away from my family because they "mistook" me for gay. They knew exactly what bi is but they didn’t like my same sex attraction.

Folks in my home country (Ghana) are fucking arrested and/or kicked out for school for same sex attractions.You really think anyone is going to get away with saying “no no, its ok guys, I’m bi. I have sex with the same gender but different gender also,”

There are bisexuals who are harassed and bullied by people who know that they are bi. We can barely escape homophobia by telling them that we’re also attracted to a different gender. Straight people will respect a heterosexual relationship but not bisexuals.

I’m tired of people are aren’t bi speaking for bisexuals. We don’t exactly have a mainstream voice but we have other people coming and telling us about our own experiences.

Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin are in a relationship with each other

Angel is pan, Ireland is (possibly from what i’ve heard) bi

Despite their constant kissing and touching there are who people think that they’re two straight girls looking for attention

but there are people who seem to think that this is an example of them having straight passing “femme” privilege.

Bi women can’t reclaim the word femme but we now have “femme privilege” apparently.

Erasing peoples identity isn’t a privilege. Taking a relationship between two women and denying its existence isn’t a privilege. Especially not when other people are suggesting that these two are looking for attention and throwing out bi/homophobic remarks because they’re:

2.Two women in a relationship with each other